Gorilla Guarantee | If you don’t love them we’ll take ’em back

gorillaguaranteeLook…we know Gorilla Ears are an expensive investment. We also know that they are worth every penny considering the exceptional craftsmanship of our shells and ridiculously good components we fill them with. That said, we know that you don’t believe everything you read, nor should you. With that in mind we’re putting our money right where our mouth is—and we’re the only custom in-ear manufacturer that’s willing to do it.

The Gorilla Guarantee. You want it, we have it. Through the end of March buy any set of monitors at full price and you’ll have 30 days to try them out. If you don’t like them for any reason send them back to us and we’ll refund you 75% of the purchase price. No questions, no excuses. It’s really that easy.

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Patrick Sieben is a Gorilla | Gorilla Ears Custom In Ear Monitors

Emmy award winning artist, Patrick Sieben is one of our newest famous Gorillas. Below are Patrick’s GX-5 model Gorilla Ears (black faceplate/blue shell) with his custom guitar pick.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here at Gorilla HQ, we would like to wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day!


Gorilla Ears | Custom In Ear Monitor | Clear Shell Black Faceplate

Here at the Gorilla HQ, when someone orders a sweet pair of monitors, we all gather around in a circle and oooo and ahhhh at them. These GX-3b monitors have a black faceplate and clear shell color and they were worthy of a photo!



custom iem

Gorilla Ears Store | Merchandise

Why not take a moment and see what kinds of merchandise we sell.

We have two styles of t-shirts, both of which are all kinds of bad-assery.





















If you happen to like free stuff, we also have some FREE facebook timeline covers. No joke.

rockon gangnam-gorilla opposable-thumbs













Of course, if you wanted to purchase some sweet custom in ear monitors…you could do that too.