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Gorilla Ears and lawn care

Our custom in ear monitors are not  just for musicians and bands.  You heard me.

Gorilla Ears are great for anyone with yard.

Unless you mow your yard like this:








Gorilla Ears are perfect for anyone with a lawn mower and/or weed eater. You get much more ear protection than regular foam ear plugs…plus you can listen to Snoop Dogg while you’re working. No Snopp Dogg on your ipod? That’s unfortunate…I guess you’ll have to settle for whatever is on your ipod.





Executive Producer Arrives on Set of new Gorilla Ears short film

Last week we filmed a short video for our website. Thought you might want to meet the executive producer of the video.


Jamie Lono – Our newest musician/Gorilla!

We are so excited to have Jamie Lono, as a fellow Gorilla Ears wearing musician, that we couldn’t wait any longer to announce it! Jamie was on the NBC hit show, The Voice last season! You can view his personal page on the NBC website here.

Now that the show is over, Jamie is touring and producing music. You can watch his latest release, I Think I Like You, below.

Oh, and of course, we got him red Gorilla Ears to match his glasses!




Jamie’s Facebook.

Jamie’s Website.

Celebrate Independence Day with a new pair of Gorilla Ears!

Help us, help you! Like us on Facebook and you will be entered to win our drawing on the 4th of July for a free pair of Gorilla Ears.

No fine print, no hidden fees, just celebrating our favorite 4th day of the month by giving away our all-American made product!

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Faceplate? Shell? Explain, please!

So, we realized that we may not have been completely clear when it comes to color options for your Gorilla Ears. Obviously, we understand all the complex, techy terms – and don’t realize that it may not make sense to everyone! Thank you to everyone who has given us feedback and please (!) if you have questions about something – you aren’t the only one – so ask us. We’ll answer you and probably make a change on the website to clarify for others!

Enough of us sounding like your third-grade teacher. Here’s the down and dirty:

Faceplate: what you see when the device is in your ear.

Shell: what you don’t see when the device is in your ear. (The yellow part in the image to the left)

Color options for the faceplate: black, white, clear and beige.

Color options for the shell: yellow, pink, red, blue, green, purple, clear, smoke, beige


This is the same pair of ear buds in the image above, being worn by our wonderful, fantastic, amazing IT guy.

Get some!