Gorilla Ears Reviews | GX-2 Model

Here are a few stellar reviews on the Gorilla Ears GX-2 model. This model, as well as the bass model (GX-2b) are great for audiophiles and musicians on a budget. As with all Gorilla Ears models, the sound quality is spectacular, and the volume can remain much lower than regular ear buds, protecting your precious ear drums!

From the moment that I placed the order to the time that I got the final product, I was very pleased with the customer service. I had the same person emailing me every step of the way. Every question that I had was answered very quickly. My GX-2s came very quickly. The whole process only took 2 weeks from the time that I ordered the IEMs to the time that they sent me the impression kit and then getting my GX-2s. I was very impressed overall by the quality of the IEM’s. I would definitely go through these guys again.

– Aaron Smith


I bought a pair of GX-2s and had my local audiologist make impressions for me. The custom fit is out of this world and the difference between the ear buds that came with the monitoring system and these GX-2s is astounding. I could never go back, now. Of course, the fit is custom, but the sound is eye-opening. You won’t need much volume to hear everything – which is easier on your ears. The fit is so good I am nearly “deaf” to outside noises, which can be a real advantage in a noisy venue.

Money well spent.

-Paula O’Neal

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